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Date 2023-06-21

The dual degree is called "Dual Doctor Degree of Policy Studies (Education Policy and Management) and Ph.D. of Education Policy / Administration". Participating students who complete the program will earn the predetermined, standard academic degree from their home university. Upon completion of the program, participating students will also receive the standard academic degree from their partner university.

1. Qualification: Doctoral student of Department of Education, National Chengchi University

2. CoursesThe completion of graduation credits at the home university is required for students of the two institutions. Participating students should take at least one third of the total credits required for graduation from each university. (21 credits at NCCU, 18 credits at LU)

3. Dissertation Supervision and ExaminationThe supervision and training of will be provided by the faculty members of both institutions. Both universities agree to provide the resources to permit the realization of the research for the duration of this agreement. The supervisors will jointly hold an actual or virtual meeting with the student at least twice a year.

Each university will be responsible for the administration of the examination of their students. The statutes and regulations of the home university regarding the doctoral oral defense shall apply. The thesis will be written in English. The viva voce examination will be held at the home university.

4. Conditions for Earning the Dual DegreeThe dual Ph.D. degree is meant to confer two qualifications upon a student on completion of graduation requirements by both institutions. It is characterized by: meeting the academic requirements of both universities and joint supervision. Both institutions agree to award a Ph.D./ DPS with the title of Doctor of Philosophy respectively if all academic standards are met.

5. Tuition and Fees: Participating students will pay the home university's tuition and fees according to the rates for their degree status, and will not pay the tuition and fees at the partner university for the duration of the dual program. Participating students from NCCU may have to pay the credit fees for courses other than the program while they are studying at the partner university, which would not exceed 100, 000 NTD per semester. Both institutions would encourage participating students to apply for universitys grants and governmental financial support.

6. Credit Recognition: Both institutions have the rights to determine whether the courses that the participants should take at both institutions will be recognized or not. Credit recognition should meet the graduation requirements of both universities.

7. How to apply: Students should complete the Dual Doctoral Degree NCCU-LU Application Form and submit the Dual Degree Research Proposal Comments completed by the supervising professor.

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