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Date 2024-03-25

The 2024 Symposium on Internationalization and Quality Management in Higher Education is co-organized by Lingnan University School of Graduate Studies, and Institute of Policy Studies, National Chengchi University College of Education, as well as the Asia Pacific Higher Education Research Partnership (APHERP). The Symposium is a multidisciplinary conference designed to foster academic exchanges on topics related to internationalization and quality assurance in higher education. NCCU College of Education delegate is headed by Associate Dean Prof. Joy HU Yueh-Luen, Prof. Angela HOU Yung-Chi, and Dr. Gregory CHING. Among the keynote speakers are Prof. Futao HUANG of Hiroshima University, Japan, discussing "Prospects and Challenges: The Evolving Landscape of Higher Education Internationalization in Asia" and Dr. Miguel Antonio LIM of University of Manchester, UK, who discusses "Internationalization and Sustainable Development Goals in Higher Education: The New Logics of Internationalization". The speakers shed light on the evolving landscape of higher education internationalization in Asia. They also shed light on the changing logic of internationalization in relation to the SDGs. These perspectives highlight the need for universities to adapt their approaches to internationalization, considering the challenges and prospects ahead.


Additionally, Prof. Joshua MOK Ka-Ho of Lingnan University, Hong Kong, provides an overview of the "Transnationalization of Higher Education in China and Asia: Quality Assurance and Student Learning Experiences." While our very own, Prof. Angela HOU Yung-Chi, discusses the "Evolution of Quality Assurance in Higher Education from INQAAHE GGP to ISGs: Are Quality Assurance Agencies in Asia Ready to the Emerging Quality Assurance Modules?" Following this, several other presentations were given by Lingnan University, Oxford University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, and Southwest University. Topics included: Quality Management in Higher Education, Cross-border Research Collaborations, International Partnerships and Student Learning in Higher Education.  These topics discussed at the Symposium underscore the significance of internationalization and quality assurance in higher education. They highlight the need for universities to adapt and enhance their approaches to meet the challenges and prospects of an evolving landscape. Through fostering academic exchanges and sharing valuable insights, these discussions contribute to the continuous improvement and advancement of higher education on a global scale.

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