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Date 2024-04-22

Spring is on its way, and international academic activities are in full bloom.


In line with the internationalization efforts of NCCU, College of Education hosts Lingnan University's Masters of Social Science in Organizational Psychology and Education Management headed by Professor Lucy Yu together with twenty of her students and two staff will have their academic and cultural exposure here in Taiwan from April 15 to 19, 2024. Their course - Regional Study on Education Management in Greater China and East Asia - combines theoretical knowledge with practical fieldwork to offer a unique and innovative approach to studying education management.


The guests were welcomed by our Dean Professor Min-Ning Yu, Associate Dean Professor Joy Hu, and Professor Angela Hou. As part of the presentation, after the welcome remarks Professor Angela Hou discussed the inner workings of quality assurance in higher education in Taiwan. In addition, Professor Tung-Liao Cheng also presented his experiences and visions regarding the ongoing initiatives of the Taiwan Experimental Education Center.


The occasion was also graced by Professor Huang-Yao Hong and Professor Gregory Ching. For the next couple of days the group will be exposed to various cultural and academic activities. A number of topics will be discussed in lectures presented by Professor Robin Chen, Chair of NCCU's Department of Education, as well as Professor Huang-Yao Hong, Professor Mei-Shiu Chiu, Professor Min-Ren Yan and Professor Angela Yung-Chi Hou, on topics such as global trends in comparative education, digital learning, data analysis, educational leadership and many others. The group will also visit Dah Hsian Seetoo Library, NCCU Senior High School, NCCU New Students Center of the Office of Students Affairs, and conduct interviews with NCCU X College. In addition, the group will also visit Taipei National University of the Arts.


Our College of Education hopes that these activities will provide students and faculty from both institutions with an opportunity to share authentic experiences and foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other's educational systems and practices. It is through these interactions and exchanges that we can build meaningful connections and collaborations, paving the way for future partnerships and joint endeavors between NCCU College of Education and Lingnan University.

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