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Submission Guidelines

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Date 2023-09-13

1. Journal of Education & Psychology is a scholarly periodical with a double-blind review process. The Journal changed publication frequency to quarterly, starting with the No. 26 issue, and publishes one volume with 4 issues annually, in March, June, September and December, respectively. Submissions are accepted year-round.

2. Submissions are accepted year-round, and reviewed upon receipt. Review results are to be expected within six months after submissions.

3. The Journal welcomes the following categories of original research articles not previously published: (1) pedagogical theories and practice, (2) pedagogical research results, (3) analysis of pedagogical issues, (4) latest pedagogical techniques and applications, (5) other research papers on topics related with pedagogical psychology (including subfields such as testing and assessment methods, developments in school counseling, statistical methods, etc.), especially quantitative analysis.           

4. Submissions must follow the APA style, please see the attached submission guidelines for further details. Charts or graphs, if included, must be clear and concise. Submissions not following the APA style will be returned for revision before they can be accepted for review by the Journal.   

5. Submissions can be in either Chinese or English, must be typed and submitted in electronic files. Submitted papers must use punctuation marks, with abstracts in 500 words or less, in both Chinese and an English. Illustrations, if included, must be in black in order to facilitate printing.      

6. Chinese papers must not exceed 20,000 words, English papers must not exceed 8,000 words. Submissions exceeding these limits are returned for revision before they can be accepted for review by the Journal.  

7. Submissions are selected through reviews, first by experts in the relevant fields, then by the editorial board. The order in which papers are published is determined by the editorial board. Rejected submissions are returned, along with copies of review opinions by experts in the relevant fields.

8. Authors whose papers are accepted to be published in the Journal are gifted with two copies of the issue of the Journal in which their papers are published. There is no additional compensation to the authors.

9. After papers are published in the Journal, any reprint of the papers must be approved by the editorial board in writing.

10. The Journal accepts papers for which authors pay for publication, at 3,000NT per paper. Authors receive receipts and notifications for publication, once they send payments. The editorial board notifies authors individually regarding the publication fee amount and account number for payments. Authors must send, via email to the email address of the Journal, notifications of payments and signed copyright license agreements in PDF format for papers in Chinese or English, in order to facilitate further processing.       

11. Submission guidelines:

The Journal accepts submissions through the online submission system at

First-time submitters must register, activate accounts and sign in before submitting papers.   

To facilitate the review process, a submitter must also mail, in Chinese or English, signed copyright license agreement, submitter information form (downloadable from the “Forms Download” area on the homepage of the Journal) and two hard copies of the paper submitted, anonymized with no personal details, to the editorial board. A paper must include:

(1) Cover page: Paper title in Chinese or English

(2) Abstracts and keywords (not exceeding five) in both Chinese and English

(3) Main Body: an empirical paper can include introduction (or preface), research method, result, discussion, conclusion, suggestion and bibliography (and indices if applicable). Important notes are not be included in footnotes, but directly incorporated in the text instead. Unimportant notes are to be excluded.   

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