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Sustainable Quality Assurance in Turbulent Higher Education- Policies, Dialogue and Synergy in the Post Pandemic

Over decades, globalization has repercussions in the political, economic and social spheres worldwide, and significantly, in education. Subsequently, national educational policies can’t be devoid of influence from international agendas today. Since the UNESCO approved Sustainable Development Goals on the 25th of September 2015, the UNESCO Agenda 2030 has become one of the most influential global goals which facilitates the governments to set priorities in national agendas. Affected by the UNESCO 2030 agenda, ‘new’ policy issues, such as sustainability, have emerged, and old ones, such as social inclusion, have resurfaced on the political and public agendas. Educational systems are increasingly expected to respond to these ‘new’ challenges. As one of the 17 SDGs, Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4) aims to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”. Yet, the pandemic 2022 has not only change the learning mode bit also brought greater impacts over policy making, cross-border partnership as well as quality of teaching and learning. The theme of the symposium jointly organized by National Chengchi University and Linganan 2022 will focus “Sustainable Quality Assurance in Turbulent Higher Education- Policies, Dialogue and Synergy in the Post Pandemic”, aiming to explore new direction and policy in higher education, new emerging model of cross-border partnership, as well as strategies for quality enhancement in teaching and learning in the post pandemic era.


More than 15 scholars from home and abroad will participate in the forum, including NCCU, Lingnan University, National Tsing Hua University, Pennsylvania State University, Loyola University Maryland and University of Malaya.


Due to the pandemic, the seminar will adopt the hybrid mode. For this reason, it is possible for us to invite speakers from all over the world. Experts and students in the field of education are also welcomed to participant in the event.


Participants outside of NCCU can join the seminar via Webex.


Topic: Sustainable Quality Assurance in Turbulent Higher Education- Policies, Dialogue and Synergy in the Post Pandemic

Subtopics: New Direction, Policies and Sustainability, Cross Border Collaborations, Partnership and Synergy, Quality of Teaching and Learning and Knowledge Innovation Cross Border Collaborations, Partnership and Synergy, How can SDG 4 be achieved in the post Pandemic era


Date: 2022/11/11


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