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New Norms and Innovation in Education

The recent global pandemic, accompanied by restricted borders has profoundly transformed educational paradigms worldwide. These constraints have given rise to inquiries concerning the emerging challenges and prospects within our education systems, as well as the novel norms that have crystallized therein. This line of questioning has precipitated a remarkable upsurge in innovative endeavors.

Recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have resulted in transformative changes across various sectors, including education. In education, AI has revolutionized learning through personalized learning experiences, adaptive tutoring systems, and data-driven insights that improve student engagement and performance. Traditional learning environments have been transformed into more dynamic multidisciplinary environments that foster effective learning beyond geographical boundaries. This convergence of education and AI has the potential to revolutionize traditional learning methodologies, personalize learning experiences, and enable new avenues of research and innovation. The symposium will highlight themes related to these changes and innovations and their impact on sustainable educational policy and governance, educational technology, teaching and learning quality, and curriculum reform and assessment.



Cross-Boundary, Cross-Border, and Multidisciplinary

AI, Educational Technology, and Innovation

SDGs, Governance, and Policy

Teaching Pedagogy, Curriculum Reform, and Learning Assessment

Date: 2023/10/27

Registration Link: 

Registration Deadline: 2023/10/25




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