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  1. 地點:政大教育學院313會議室
  2. 時間:2024年5月11日
  3. 議程




Opening remark

Prof. Min-Ning Yu, Dean of College of Education (NCCU)

Prof. Angela Yung Chi Hou, Associate Dean of College Education (NCCU)


Panel 1

ChairProfessor Angela Yung Chi Hou

Topic 1Exploring regulatory
framework, policy shift and challenges in cross border quality assurance of
Indonesian higher education- how did Taiwan national accreditor engage program
accreditation of Indonesian universities?

Presenter: Seraya (PhD student)

Topic 2:  Exploring international student recruitment in one Private University in Taiwan- National policies, institutional strategies and challenges

Presenter: Yi Feng Pock (PhD student)

Topic 3: Lost in Translation: Is Taiwan's Bilingual Policy in Graduate School a Myth?

Presenter: Jack, Kuo Zheng Feng (PhD student)

Topic 4: Marketization in higher education and institutional strategies- A Bibliometric Review

Presenter: Chiung wen Chen (PhD student)


Tea break 11:00-11:10

Panel 2

ChairSheng Ju Chan (CCU)

Topic 5: Teacher professional development from teacher's perspectives: A comparative study between The Gambia and Taiwan

Presenter: Omar Keita (doctoral student, Chung Cheng University)

Topic 6Age management in an era of aging society: A construction of intergenerational learning models in Indonesian Enterprises

Presenter: Gita Aulia Nurani (doctoral student, Chung Cheng University)

Topic 7Inclusive leadership and creative teaching: The mediating role of knowledge sharing and innovative climate

Presenter: Xuan Nong (doctoral student, Chung Cheng University)

Topic 8Exploring the research-teaching nexus from the student perspective: A comparative study across universities in Taiwan

Presenter:  Emil Quetzal (master student, Chung Cheng University)








Panel 3

ChairAssociate Prof. Andy Yuan Chih Fu (Taipei Tech)

Topic 9How Cognitive Strategies Differ: An EEG Study Comparing Reading Approaches Between Humanities and STEM Female Cohorts

Presenter: Ciou, Da Ze (master student, Taipei Tech) 

Topic 10Anticipating School Closures in Chiayi County/City Over the Next 13 Years: A Forecast Using Agent-Based Modeling to Account for Declining Student Population

Presenter: Jian, Yi Long (master student, Taipei Tech)

Topic 11Challenges of Declining Birth Rates: The Struggle for Student Enrollment and Quality Disparities in Urban High Schools

Presenter:Li, Bo Yan (master student, Taipei Tech)

Topic 12Who Wants to Be A Teacher? Examining the Demographics and Characteristics of Villages Supplying Teacher Education Students to Taipei Tech

Presenter:Chang, Yu Tzu (master student, Taipei Tech)


Tea Break 14:50-15:10

Panel 4

Chair Prof. Jason Yang (NCYU)

Topic 13Exploring Characteristics of English-medium Instruction Courses in Taiwan by Institutional Research

Presenter:Li-Wen Huang(master student,, National Chiayi University)

Topic 14Challenges & Opportunities in the Implementation of EMI in Indonesia: Teacher's Perception at Al-Araf Elementary School, Southwest Aceh

Presenter: Irfandi (master student,, National Chiayi University)

Topic 15Study on Competence and Technology Leadership of Junior High School in Indonesia

Presenter:Idandi Meika Jovanka (master student, National Chiayi University)

Topic 16Teacher Education Students’ Global Competences: The Case of NCYU

Presenter: Pin- Yuan Chiu (master student, National Chiayi University)


Discussion and Conclusion

Discussants: Professor Angela Yung Chi Hou, Professor Sheng Ju Chan, Professor Jason Yang, Dr. Andy Yuan Chih Fu


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