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Date 2024-05-20

College of Education, National Chengchi University Seeking Full-time Faculty Member

(Digital learning / School management)



College of Education, National Chengchi University


Digital learning / School management


Position: Full-time assistant professor (or higher)

Number of Recruiting: 1

Term employment period: Start from February 1, 2025


  1. Doctoral degree of Digital learning / School management, and related fields.
  2. Experience or ability to teach in English is preferred

Relevant certificates and other supporting information

Please upload following application documents to the cloud form:

  1. Curriculum vitae and autobiography.
  2. Diplomas or degree certificates (photocopy, foreign

diplomas must be verified by foreign embassies). Applicants who are doctoral candidates should obtain their doctorate before employment and submit a certificate of passing their doctoral thesis oral examination.

  1. Transcripts of master's and doctoral courses.

(Qualified assistant professor (or higher) are exempted, but should provide a copy of the University Teacher’s Certification).

  1. Proof of university teaching license and relevant

experience/service (photocopy)

  1. A list of publications (including doctoral dissertation), with indication of the database of the journal indexed in which the paper was published (e.g., SSCI, SCI(E), TSSCI, A&HCI or EI). Please include the full text of up to 10 selected publications.
  2. List of research projects for which you have participated in or served as a principal investigator (please specify the funding organization. Eg.: NSTC, MOE).
  3. Academic expertise, teaching field, and teaching

experience in universities. Please attach the syllabus of at least three courses in which you have taught or are eligible to teach.

  1. Domestic and foreign awards, honors or certificates.
  2. Other supporting information that can demonstrate

your teaching achievement, research capacity and potentials, social service, industry collaboration, internationalization experience and cross-disciplinary expertise.

Cloud form and Contact

  1. Please fill in and upload your application to:

  1. Kevin Shih (Executive Officer)

TEL: +886 2 2939-3091#62077


Closing Date

17:00 August 31, 2024 (GMT+8)


↓↓Download our Faculty Recruitment Handbook to gain a deeper understanding about our college and city:

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