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Date 2023-09-13

Online Submission and Review System: Journal Submission Portal

  1. First-Time User Registration: Authors logging into the journal's online submission system for the first time should click "Register" to complete the membership registration process.

  2. Corresponding Author Designation: Anyone who registers and uploads a manuscript will be designated as the corresponding author by the journal system.

  3. Account Activation: Upon completing registration, you will receive an email from the online submission system confirming your registration and account activation. Please follow the instructions in the email to activate your account.

  4. System Information Completion:

    • Basic Information: Complete the basic information section of the system according to your submission content.
  5. File Upload:

    • Article Submission: Upload the electronic file of your article as a .docx file. Ensure the article does not contain the author's name or any identifying information (such as acknowledgments or project numbers). The file should include the abstract, keywords, and references. The total word count should not exceed 20,000 Chinese characters or 8,000 English words. Refer to the relevant submission guidelines for detailed instructions.

    • Copyright Authorization Agreement: If a similarity comparison is conducted, attach the relevant certificates along with the copyright authorization letter and the contributor's basic information form (available on the form download page). Combine these documents into a single PDF file and upload it in this field.

    • Supplementary Information: Upload any additional supplementary information for the text in the specified fields. Note that review committee members can view this field, so do not upload any documents containing author identification information. If author information is included, the manuscript will be rejected and will need to be resubmitted. This journal employs a double-blind review process (authors and reviewers cannot see each other's identities), so it is crucial to omit any identifying details to facilitate the review process.

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