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2020為全球疫情最嚴重之一年,因此去年研討會之主題為「COVID-19新冠疫情對高等教育政策的影響——國際流動、學習效果和研究發展」。2021年下半年後,COVID-19疫情趨緩,然而過去一年多來,已對高等教育政策發展、學術研究取向、跨國教育趨勢,及大學與城市建構關係產生極大變化與衝擊。因此,國立政治大學教育學院與香港嶺南大學將聯合舉辦第四屆政大-嶺大國際研討會,主題為「後疫情時代全球高教環境之改變」,討論疫情期間高教政策之轉變、各國高教系統針對疫情之相對因應措施、跨國合作與人才流動挑戰、科技運用與校園治理效能及教學品質確保等議題。本論壇邀請到超過20位國內外高等教育學者,包含政治大學、香港嶺南大學、香港教育大學、Loyola University Maryland、日本廣島大學、馬來西亞馬來亞大學及The British University in Dubai等大學之共同與談


The College of Education, NCCU and Lingnan University, have been co-organizing annual international seminars since 2018, which is now in its fourth year.

Since 2020 is the worst year of the global pandemic, the theme of last year's seminar was "The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Higher Education Policies - International Mobility, Student Learning Outcomes and Research Development". In the second half of 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic is relatively contained, but over the past two years, it has already caused great changes and impacts on the development of higher education policies, academic research orientations, international education trends, and the relationship between universities and city construction. Therefore, the two universities will jointly hold the 4th NCCU-LU International Seminar, and the topic will be "The Changing Contet of Global Higher Education in the Post Pandemic Online Workshop". Speakers will talk about higher education policy transitions during the pandemic, the responses of higher education systems in different countries to the pandemic, the challenges of transnational cooperation and personnel mobility, technology utilization and campus governance, and quality assurance of teaching and learning. More than 20 scholars from home and abroad will participate in the forum, including NCCU, Lingnan University, Education University of Hong Kong, Loyola University Maryland, Hiroshima University, University of Malaya, and The British University in Dubai.

Due to the pandemic, the seminar will be held on line via Webex. For this reason, it is possible for us to invite speakers from all over the world. Experts and students in the field of education are also welcomed to participant in the event. 
The seminar will be held via Webex.

Topic:The Changing Context of Global Higher Education in the Post Pandemic
Subtopics:Transnational Higher Education-Challenges and Prospect; Cities, Changing Demography and Universities- Systems and New Approaches; Role of Universities and Internationalization under Covid-19- Crisis and Innovation; Student Experience in Virtual Internationalization-Quality and Engagement

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